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Resources for COPD: A life challenge

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Person symbolizes freedom from COPD

The sources listed include readings available online, online information and support sites provided by individuals or organisations.


Robin Lord, The courage to breathe: Chatham woman offers heartfelt advice to others diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease From The Cape Cod Times, Health & Medicine section.

Jo-Von Tucker, “Don’t Volunteer for Loneliness,” in Airwaves Forum 2

Jo-Von Tucker, "The devastation of the diagnosis," a selection from Courage and Information by Rick Carter, Brooke Nicotra, and Jo-Von Tucker.

Organisations, support groups, and online meeting places

The American Lung Association Better Breathers Clubs

The American Lung Association Better Breathers Club: Check with your local hospital; the American Lung Association has state and local groups that can direct you, call the national office at 1-800-586- 4872 or try their web site for listings of affiliated local groups. 1740 Broadway, New York, NY 10019, 1-800-586- 4872.

COPD-Support, Inc.

This site has a number of programs intended to help meet the needs of individuals afflicted with COPD, caregivers who are responsible for an individual so afflicted, and medical personnel who have a particular interest in pulmonary medicine in general and COPD in particular. COPD-Support, Inc.COPD-Support, Inc. P. O. Box 490714 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33349


EFFORTS is a non-profit organization, formed, funded and operated by people with emphysema, working to promote research for emphysema and related lung diseases. It also provides a very vital support mailing list and educational resource for it's members without charge.

Bill Horden’s web site

Bill Horden’s web site—Written and presented by a highly motivated activist patient dedicated to informing and helping others. A site for patients with a lot of information and helpful links on the disease and how to cope with it (A COPD Survival Guide, a cookbook, and many links). Bill provides interesting articles and worthwhile links and an email newsletter providing news and with emphasis on activism and advocacy. To subscribe to the newsletter, THE COPD ADVOCATE," go to http://www.COPDadvocate.com, and enter your information at the ListBot box.

Respiratory News and Views

Respiratory News and Views, published by the Asthma/Emphysema Self-Help Group, P.O.Box 20321, Tompkins Sqare Sta. New York, NY 10009 John Leaman, Editor (212) 777-0486

Ask Jo-Von COPD Patient-to-Patient

Jo-Von Tucker, co-author of Courage and Information, has been on supplemental oxygen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 12 years and has exceptional practical knowledge. She will answer questions pertaining to living and coping with COPD, establishing a partnership with your physician in managing your illness, and encouraging compliance with treatment programs.Ask Jo-Von

Ron Peterson's web site

Ron Peterson's web site Smoking Information; Exercise Information; Product Information; What's New.

Olivija's Pages

Olivija's Who Am I The many facets and interests of a person who has COPD but is not defined by COPD.

Olivija's COPD Resources Selected links

Olivija's COPD Resources More quotes and links.

Alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency

Alpha1 National Association

Alpha1 National Association —Alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency is a cause of emphysema and COPD. “A non-profit, membershhip organization, dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and their families affected by alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency.“ A site for health care professionals and patients. A lot of info from all aspects about A1AD, Alpha1 Association, support and resources, legislation, medical and research, and various links. 8120 Penn Ave South Suite 549, Minneapolis, MN 55431-1326, 1-800-521-3025

Alpha One Foundation—Alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency is a cause of emphysema and COPD. “The vision of the organization is to advance the means to control and cure A1AD and to improve the quality of life for those with the disorder.” A site for healthcare professionals—research and registry, Team Alpha1, A1AD news There is interesting information for patients as well with answers to many questions about A1AD. 2937 S.W. 27th Avenue, Suite 302 Miami, Florida 33133 Toll Free: (888) 825-7421, 305-567-9888, Fax 305-567-1317

Healthy Resources™

HealthyResources.com provides access to discussions and support among people with COPD, news and information, and products. It includes the web page for Courage and Information and is a service provided by New Technology Publishing, Inc. —A site for patients to learn about COPD and sleep apnea and preview informative books on these subjects.

COPD TODAY: A Life Challenge A Life Challenge | Resources: 1-Diagnosis and Treatment | 2-Adjustment and Support | 3-Information | 4-Newsletters and Organizations | Editorial

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