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The authors

Rick Carter, Ph.D. MAS, MBA is Professor of Medicine and Physiology at the University of Texas Health Center, Tyler, Texas, a center for excellence in chest diseases. Dr. Carter has extensive clinical, research, and administrative experience in the areas of exercise physiology and pulmonary rehabilitation. With nearly 20 years experience in assisting patients (heart and lung) in rehabilitating functional status and improving quality-of-life, he is now the principle investigator of a large rehabilitation trial funded by the National Institutes of Health through the Agency for Health Care Policy Research. He has published many scientific papers, in addition to presentations at national and international professional meetings. He continues to explore new opportunities for helping patients improve their functional ability and quality-of-life.

Brooke Nicotra, M.D. is retired Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Texas Health Center, Tyler, Texas, a center for excellence in chest diseases. Dr. Nicotra has more than 25 years' experience caring for patients with pulmonary disease and has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers in pulmonary medicine. She has passed specialty Boards in Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, and Pulmonary Medicine. During her professional career she has encouraged patients to take an active role in their own care. She is an accomplished clinician, teacher, and clinical investigator. Above all she remains committed to the caring and individualized approach to medicine.

Jo-Von Tucker died Wednesday Dec. 17th, 2004 at Cape Cod Hospital of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and diabetic complications. She had owned and managed Clambake Celebrations, a national mail-order speciality food company located in Chatham, Massachusetts. She was a founder and the coordinator of the Cape COPD Support Group, and was active in establishing a national advocacy group, as well as writing and lecturing on the role of the patient in managing COPD. She was the recipient of more than 400 international awards of excellence in her direct marketing career. Her photograph appears on the cover. She enjoyed about 15 productive years after her diagnosis with COPD for about 15 years.


Thomas Petty, M.D. has had a distinguished career in pulmonary medicine. A pioneer in COPD treatment and education, he continues his work to educate physicians and the public to the value of early diagnosis and intervention to reduce the impact of COPD. He is the author of books on COPD for the patient, as well many scientific books and papers. He is Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and Chairman, National Lung Health Education Program (NLHEP). The NLHEP is a new national health care initiative aimed at involving primary care physicians in the early diagnosis and treatment of COPD and related diseases. He lives and practices in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Brian Tiep, M.D. is one of the pioneers of specially-developed pulmonary rehab programs for COPD treatment. A noted speaker and lecturer in pulmonary diseases, he is Associate Professor of Medicine at Western University Health Sciences in Pomona, California. As Medical Director of the Pulmonary Care Continuum, Dr. Tiep is engaged in training physicians and other health care professionals for establishing and managing pulmonary rehabilitation programs for COPD. He seeks to make pulmonary rehabilitation available to all with continuing reinforcement as part of their relationship with their own physician. In addition to authoring many papers on rehabilitation for patients with pulmonary disease, he has played a role in developing innovative treatments and devices. He is a strong proponent of the roles of exercise, fitness, education, and mental attitude in restoring quality of life.

Other contributors

Numerous patients and professionals read one or more drafts of this book and made insightful and helpful comments. The authors are grateful to each of them.

Hank Kite, whose lifelong strength and leadership was always available to encourage and guide others, advised on the development of this book. Although his personal struggle with COPD has ended, his spirit of encouraging others to equal strength and courage is memorialized in this book.

Respiratory therapy

Ron Corbett, a respiratory therapist at Cape & Islands Oxygen Supply, in Hyannis, Massachusetts, provided helpful information and read several drafts of the chapter on supplementary oxygen. Cape & Islands Oxygen Supply also provided the loan of the Oxymatic portable system for Jo-Von Tucker to use for the cover and other illustrations.

Sleep medicine

Gila Lindsley, PhD kindly reviewed and helped revise the material on sleep apnea. Dr. Lindsley is a diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and has a clinical practice, SleepWell, based in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Psychology of stress management

Gary V. Paluba, PhD kindly reviewed the manuscript and made helpful contributions to the discussion of anxiety, depression, and the use of pursed lip breathing and diaphragmatic breathing as tools to manage and control feelings of helplessness. He works with patients undergoing rehabilitation for heart disease as well as COPD. Dr. Paluba is the Director of the Stress Management Progam at the Heart Center of St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, New York and holds clinical and teaching appointments at the Psychoanalytic Center for Communicative Education and the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, in addition to his private practice.


Rivka Arieli, of Vancouver BC, Canada, is a writer of stories whose professional life is focused on writing, editing, and production of technical documentation for major international clients. She has here melded the work of several individuals while allowing each to speak with his or her unique voice. Rivka has enabled us to speak directly to the reader who has COPD, and transformed the information and emotions into an experience that we hope will give the reader a new lease on life.


The page layout and book design is an adaptation of the NTP house style based on advice from David Margolin.


The cover design is by David Margolin. Special thanks are due to Manuela Paul, an artist and designer who works in Brooklyn and New York City, for her advice and suggestions.


The medical illustrations are by Jeanine Theriault. Ms. Theriault is a freelance medical and scientific illustrator. She received her BFA in medical illustration at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and her studios are at Marstons Mills on Cape Cod and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Bulletin board

The HealthyResources bulletin board enabled the authors, editors, and other contributors to collaborate online on the development of this book. Ari Halberstadt of MagicCookie <http://www.magiccookie.com> created this sophisticated facility, which will be open at <http://www.HealthyResources.com> to enable readers of this book to share information and support.

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