A personal appreciation of Jo-Von Tucker

Book cover courage and information

Jo-Von Tucker died Wednesday Dec. 17th 2003 at Cape Cod Hospital of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and diabetic complications.

Jo-Von was one of the most creative, enthusiastic, and determined people with whom I have had the privilege to work. This showed not only in her business life at Clambake Celebrations, but also in her diligence and focus in overcoming the limitations of COPD, giving her many more years of quality living despite the pessimistic predictions of her doctors at the time of diagnosis. She demonstrated and taught that people with an illness can and indeed must have an active role in their daily treatment, including not only understanding the disease and its treatments, but routinely applying palliative and preventive measures and being proactive in addressing problems. She was well aware that outlook and attitude can be as important as any medicine.

Her enthusiasm and leadership made a mark in the lives of many people. As founder and leader of the Cape C.O.P.D. Support Group, she created a sense of sharing and community for people with COPD. I looked forward to her newsletters which contained news of current events in the community and in the wider world of COPD, and her personal essays sharing her hopes, aspirations, and fears. She has been active in a number of new national efforts to enroll patients and health care professionals in advocating for COPD and creating new roles for patients.

I was privileged to work with her as editor and publisher of Courage and Information for Life with COPD, a groundbreaking work that melded scientific and medical information about COPD with a patient’s unique insights. I know from comments and feedback from readers that patients identify with Jo-Von and are motivated to apply the book’s lessons to their own lives. I am pleased to have been able to work with her in the task of bringing authoritative medical information to patients in a form that would encourage as well as educate them. I believe that her efforts have only begun to bear fruit and that her legacy will continue to grow and influence patients and indeed the role of patients in their own care. May her memory be a blessing and an inspiration.

Jerry Halberstadt
Publisher, New Technology Publishing, Inc.


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