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Battery Operation of CPAP Devices for Sleep Apnea Treatment

About Phantom Sleep Tonight™ (magazine)

The Phantom Sleep Newsletter contains articles, papers, and data providing timely information for people concerned with sleep disorders. The audience includes patients, their families and friends, and professionals concerned with treatment. Each issue will provide an in-depth treatment of a specific topic. Several subjects are in the planning stage; please let us know your wishes and needs. It will be edited by Jerry Halberstadt. A distinguished editorial advisory board is being recruited. [Contributors and editorial advisory board to be announced.] The publication will be guided by our Mission Statement.

The Apnea Series is designed to go beyond the coverage provided by Phantom of the Night. It will thus will serve to update information as advances are made in knowledge and treatments, equipment and supplies, and issues affecting research, treatment, insurance--in short, whatever may concern patients and their health care providers. By providing updates on-line, we can save months compared to preparing a new print edition. You can use Phantom of the Night as your basic handbook on sleep apnea, and use the Apnea Series to learn about the latest developments:

The SleepWell series, by Dr. Gila Lindsley, Ph.D., offers information about certain sleep disorders including life-style and other non-medical influences on sleep.

Subscribers will be able to participate in the Phantom Sleep Forum, a discussion forum dealing with sleep and alertness well as sleep disorders, especially sleep apnea syndrome. It will be distributed through an email list and/or by using a news reader. It will be kept spam-free and will offer an opportunity for support, community, and attention to problems and issues of general interest. The Forum will be initiated when there is enough interest.



Currently available at no charge

Plans for forthcoming issues

Topics for future newsletters

The following are examples of topics under consideration and development. The actual publications may differ. Please let us know your needs and suggestions.

Sleeping while driving: rights and responsibilities

Excessive fatigue can cause lapses in attention and extremely fatigued people will even go to sleep, regardless of the situation, overpowered by the need to sleep. How can the individual recognize the danger signs of fatigue, and what can he or she do? Transportation systems are vulnerable if truck drivers, air traffic controllers, pilots, and the like are not fully alert. What steps can be taken to improve safety? What is the responsiblity of individuals, physicians, and employers? What are their rights? What can industry, governmental, and regulatory agencies do to improve safety? What can an individual do?

We will examine the societal, legal, medical and personal rights and responsibility for avoiding crashes and other accidents due to sleep disorders. And review the research and programs for intervention that can lead to safer travel.

Discussion of legal, ethical, and practical issues.

Sleep Disorders: Research & Treatment Update

Highlights from the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS) 11th Annual Meeting in June.

How can I get treated for a sleep problem through my HMO or other insurers

Do patients with a sleep disorder need a psychologist?

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