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Nothing is more precious and essential to health than good sleep. Unfortunately, many people exist in a constant state of fatigue caused by their lifestyle, while others suffer from actual sleep disorders. New Technology Publishing, Inc. as part of a series of the Phantom Sleep NewsletterTM is pleased to make available the work of Dr. Gila Lindsley, Ph.D., A.C.P. as a resource for sleep health. The information she provides should enable the reader to focus on sleep issues and learn how to take steps towards obtaining relevant information and seeking appropriate professional assistance. And professionals will also find a helpful review of issues that may be applied to their practice.
Dr. Lindsley has been involved in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders for many years, including having directed an accredited sleep disorders center. Her approach is scientific, holistic, and integrative, looking at the patient in context and with a concern for any factor that could affect the quality of sleep. In her private practice she often receives referrals of patients whose problems have proved otherwise unresponsive to treatment. She is engaged in research on ultradian (shorter than a day) temperature patterns which may someday improve our understanding of sleep and wakefulness.

Phantom Sleep Newsletter: from SleepWell®

As part of a continuing educational and outreach program for the community, and health care professionals, Dr. Lindsley creates SleepWell®Newsletters. Two levels of newsletters are being planned:
  1. An introductory level newsletter, which will be distributed free through this page. Each covers a specific topic and is addressed to both professionals and patients, including people who may suffer from a condition without having recognized or treated it.

Copyright © 1996 New Technology Publishing, Inc. SleepWell® is a private practice Sleep Disorders Service of Dr. Gila Lindsley, Ph.D., A.C.P. and is located in Lexington, MA 02173 USA Dr. Lindsley is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Licensed Psychologist.

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